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The springs on your garage door are the most important components on your garage door, next to the garage door, of course. The garage door springs are responsible for transferring the weight of your garage door so that it can open and close effortlessly with, or without a garage door opener.

Are you having trouble with your garage door springs? If so, Bellevue Garage Door Springs is here to help you. Not only are your garage door springs important for the opening and closing of your garage door without a motor, but it's also important to keep your garage door springs working well because of the damage sagging springs can cause!

Bellevue Garage Door springs

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Bellevue Garage Door Springs realizes that sagging springs can hurt your garage door opener, and other components of your garage door, and that is why we offer garage door springs at low rates, and our garage door spring repair starts at just $29!

The key to proper garage door spring maintenance and upkeep is to identify the problem early. Regular inspection of your springs, and maintenance will help you to keep your springs wound tight, and everything working properly.

On top of the aforementioned problem of strain on your opener, bad garage door springs can also cause the garage door to simply not open. By not transferring the weight as they should, sagging garage door springs will make it so that only bodybuilders will be able to open their garage doors. Don't be stuck in that situation! Call Bellevue Garage Door Springs today for all of your spring needs!

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